The Trodden Path…




Life doesn’t entitle you to all its elements,

Doesn’t gift you with all its glory .

Moments change into fragments of memories,

All that remains is an ensemble of bitter-sweet reality.

It dawns with an innocence, an exuberant smile.

Its little cry draws the entire time.

The soft hands begin to tussle,

And the moment comes when we begin to toddle.

As the sun rises in the sky, we enter into a different realm of life.

It’s a world filled with fantasies, a world full of dreams.

There is an uncanny inquisitiveness in all that we see.

Notoriety rises in every step and interest in every field.

It’s late noon now and a step towards evening,

An entirely different world of reality are we heading in,

Responsibilities starts pouring in and a sudden loneliness throngs in.

Words like love, trust begin to show meaning.

It’s evening now and the moon is bright in the sky,

Life slowly begins to settle down.

Relations become priority and responsibilities hustle from all around. 

Life begins to intensify as gravity engraves the spine.

Now just the captured moments are there to reminisce,

But the nostalgia of those days would never diminish.

Now everyday is a new battle; a turmoiling strife.

I beg back my childhood days.




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