The Trodden Path…




Life doesn’t entitle you to all its elements,

Doesn’t gift you with all its glory .

Moments change into fragments of memories,

All that remains is an ensemble of bitter-sweet reality.

It dawns with an innocence, an exuberant smile.

Its little cry draws the entire time.

The soft hands begin to tussle,

And the moment comes when we begin to toddle.

As the sun rises in the sky, we enter into a different realm of life.

It’s a world filled with fantasies, a world full of dreams.

There is an uncanny inquisitiveness in all that we see.

Notoriety rises in every step and interest in every field.

It’s late noon now and a step towards evening,

An entirely different world of reality are we heading in,

Responsibilities starts pouring in and a sudden loneliness throngs in.

Words like love, trust begin to show meaning.

It’s evening now and the moon is bright in the sky,

Life slowly begins to settle down.

Relations become priority and responsibilities hustle from all around. 

Life begins to intensify as gravity engraves the spine.

Now just the captured moments are there to reminisce,

But the nostalgia of those days would never diminish.

Now everyday is a new battle; a turmoiling strife.

I beg back my childhood days.




There’s light beyond the horizon…

This article is about a girl who was never too young to fall in love…and neither too young to get hurt.

Kyara,my childhood friend though,our paths met after ten years,only yesterday. It had been ten long years and we would have ten thousand things to talk about, I thought. But she had put her life to a standstill it seemed. She was the same or maybe all the more depressed, dejected soul. I remember those days when we kids were still struggling  to keep our brittle friendships going, among those silly fights for pencils and erasers. How could she start to feel for a guy that early!! And then expect him to feel the same for her,expect him to stay in her life forever. Astonishing,isn’t it??

Ever since then,she’s fallen for him deeply each day…making her wounds deeper each day as well,but still hoping that one fine day, her ‘charming prince’ would come on a beautiful,white horse and take her on a distant ride and all that she’s ever dreamt of would come true thereafter.

“Kyara, you couldn’t just waste every single moment of your life waiting for someone,someone who’s not even yours,someone who’s long gone.It’s high time now that you should move on and accomplish higher goals of life.I know it would be the hardest thing,but it will be worth. After all, all of us here are going through some or the other difficulties in life, but you know what?? We are breaking,repairing and changing in the seams, unlike you, who has lived with this pain for so long now that it has become an inevitable part of your life.”

So this one’s for Kyara and many similar peeps out there. You’ve got to understand that life isn’t a fairy tale..not anymore ofcourse. None of your crazy fantasies would come true here. And again, instead of regretting and  crying over things and people  you couldn’t get and shall never get ,or over the pain people inflicted upon you, start living out your life. Remember, you can either live with that pain for the rest of your life OR take the pain as a lesson for strengthening  yourself so you could live a better life. And then, maybe these ‘wrong’ people were only meant to help you find the ‘right’ ones in your  life.

Believe me, life shall bestow plenty of happiness upon you through the people you are yet to meet . So expand beyond your self-imposed boundaries, keep moving forward and never let someone else  define your self worth.

After all,you’ve got one,short life and you ought to make it large.

P.S.: Dear Kyara, I hope you’ll run into me another such day,maybe years later from now, but with a smile, because you did one thing you thought you never could…

You lived!!

That’s all for today.The next blog will be out soon.. Until then,stay motivated and keep supporting.Thank you.

Giving Life Another Chance!!!

What if one day you realize sitting on the swing of your balcony looking at the birds flying that you aren’t free like them. You are the slave of your indecisions throughout your life. You like almost all the other’s live in the world of WHAT IF?? What if I had spoken to my teacher that day about the bully who used to be a pain in my neck throughout my school life. What if I had gathered the courage to speak my heart out in the debate ? What if I had chosen the subject I wanted to pursue rather than letting my parents to decide. What if I had summoned all my courage to stand out of the crowd and decide how the rest of my life is going to be .Was it that difficult or as a matter of fact is it??? These are few of those daunting questions which most of the people in 21st century face.

People have forgotten that there is only one and I repeat only one life you have got to do something which you love doing….something you are passionate about…something you believe can help bring a positive change to mankind at large.

So now the question is how do we do it? How do we gather courage to that leap of faith and choose what we really want to do. It’s no rocket science. Just remember pain of regret is always greater then pain of failure. And yes there is absolutely no guarantee that you would succeed in what you do but at the end of the day you would be satisfied that you tried and the next day you would be up and ready to give it another shot. And as Thomas Alva Edison said

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Because at the end of your journey called life what would matter is ,how much content and proud you are of the risks you took and the number you times you failed to finally achieve your goal.

To sum it all up ………

Greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.


–  Thomas A. Edison

Do leave your comments and tell us how this blog inspired you to give life one more shot!!!!